The Trend of #BoycottPSL in Pakistan : Latest Controversy

#BoycottPSL Trend in Pakistan

The trend of #BoycottPSL is trending on social media in Pakistan, for the PSL season 9. This trend impacts the highly anticipated Pakistan Super League (PSL). Formerly this trend was started because of the partnership of PSL with KFC.

Beginning of the Boycott Flame:

This Boycott was started when Pakistan Super League (PSL) announced KFC as their official snack partner. The Pakistani people are unhappy with this decision of PSL management. Because of KFC supply free food to Israeli military during the war in Gaza.

After the announcement of partnership with KFC. #BoycottPSL trend was started on all social media platforms and is in trending now. Majority of the people are taking part in this boycott and stand in solidarity with the people of Gaza, Palestine.

A Call for Action:

Pakistanis are passionate cricket fans in over the world, but now majority of them flooded the social media with the hashtag #BoycottPSL. They calls the partnership as an unacceptable action from PSL.

Because of the partnership KFC gains the promotion which helps them in earning and strengthening the economy of Israel. While the KFC also provides free food to the military of Israel during their war in Gaza.

Beyond the Boundary:

The #BoycottPSL trend is considering as the realm of politics in sports. While the Pakistani people rejects this claim and shows their solidarity with the people of Palestine.

The conflict of Israel and Palestine is international issue, which remains unsolved from decades and now turns into a war. The international organizations and their sub ordinates are failed in seizing the fire and resolving the issue of Palestine.

Reaction and Arguments:

This trend gains attention on international level, which flames the arguments, discussions and opinions from different peoples. Some of them are strongly supporting this boycott, while some arguing and giving different opinions and refused to support the boycott.

They questioned it as a loss for PSL and already collapsed national economy, while some calls it as causing the bad effects on the nations pride PSL. They believe that PSL is the pride of nation and the source of entertainment for many people, and colliding the sports with politics is unacceptable.

Review: Personal opinion:

Trend of #BoycottPSL is a delicate balance between sports and social responsibilities. The conflict between Israel and Palestine is one sided crucial from Israel on the name of self-defense. Israeli military are violating the basic Human rights by killing the civilian children and woman, and helping them by providing food is also anti humanity action by KFC.

In this perspective this boycott is not because of any political issues but for the humanity and the rights of the people of Palestine. Although it is the responsibility of everyone to raise the voice against the violation of human rights by Israel.

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