Otis Khan’s FIFA Ban from Playing for Pakistan : Latest Shock

Otis Khan discarded from Pakistan’s Playing XI in the football match against Cambodia for two games straight. This match is critical for the Pakistan Football crew, as this game straightforwardly connections to the capability for the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers in 2026. So for what reason was Otis Khan side-lined?

The PFF as of late made their announcement in regards to this. We will investigate it.

• Otis Khan side-lined:

Otis Khan was brought into the world in Britain but is qualified to play for India and Pakistan. His granddad, Kanwar Jamil Mohammed Khan, was brought into the world in India but moved to Pakistan during the 1947 segment. He made his introduction against Mauritius, where they lost 3-0. By then, at that point, the footballer had played six games for the public group.

This reason ended up being nothing to joke about in light of the fact that FIFA, during this week, presented to PFF an extraordinary matter connected with Otis’ qualification. The issue centres around the necessity that one of his grandparents be a Pakistani local. For his situation, his granddad was Indian-conceived however left to Pakistan. FIFA has not governed him qualified or prohibited with conviction, and the choice is as yet forthcoming.

Otis has been an indispensable individual on the Pakistan Football crew and has played for Pakistan with colossal energy and expertise. The PFF made sense of the ongoing improvements in such manner that prompted his nonappearance from the primary game which was hung on October 12.

Previously, Otis received endorsements from both the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) and the South Asian Football Federation (SAFF) for his candidacy in Pakistan. His application was actively verified, and it was confirmed that everything was in order.

Otis Khan side-lined: Will the footballer play again for his country?

With the footballer out of the second leg against Cambodia also, the PFF is still in chats with FIFA. There’s still no authority update in regards to this matter yet the nation expects him to play again for the public side.

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