Who Invented The Soccer : The Mystery [Latest]

The History of Football was linked to the Ancient civilization, Which changes to a modern game in 19th century. While the specific inventor remains a mystery for historians.

William Webb Ellis Invented Football

Football was invented by William Webb Ellis

William Webb Ellis was a student at Rugby School in England in 1823, where he used to play rugby Football and Soccer. Some historian mention him as the inventor of Football by telling that he ran with the ball in a rugby match and tries to create first goal.

William Webb Ellis

There is no strong evidence about this theory, Some historian calls it a myth prepared by Rugby School, there is no sources found for this theory. While some historians said that this story was populated by Rugby School in 19th century to improve its reputation.

Football Invented by Charles W.Alckock

Football was invented by Charles W. Alcock

Charles Alcock was a British businessman, According to a theory he was the inventor of Football in 1863. He organized the first official Football match between Sheffield FC and Hallam FC. Later he also found the Football Association FA. The modern Football rules are mostly established by Football Association FA. But this theory was also rejected by some historian because of lake of evidances. They tells that Football was played before Alcock in England and Europe without modern rules.

At the end the question of Football’s inventor remains a mystery. But most likely the invention of Football was linked with different traditions and cultures. In present time Football is known has World’s most popular game followed and watched by millions of fans.

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