Who will Win First? Pakistan or India in Upcoming Tests

In the world of Cricket every team have an upcoming test series in December 23-January 24. Pakistan have to face Australia in this season of Test Cricket series. While India have to face South Africa. Here the interesting point is this that Both teams have a Challenge in these series. For Pakistan, it is to Win a series in Australia Because Pakistan never won a test series in Australia. While India also have to won a series in South Africa Because India have never won a Test series in South Africa. So here the Point is that who won the series first and overcome this unique challenge.

Pakistan’s Odyssey in Australia

The history of Pakistan’s Cricket is full of rich stories and records. But the Australia series won will be added in it if Pakistan won this Test Series in Australia. The pitches of Australia are Pace friendly and Australia have an impressive pace duo. Which can be more challenging for Pakistan. With different conditions and predictions the question rises is, Can Pakistan won the series and make history?

India’s Pursuit in South Africa

India have also faces a lot of challenges on the soil of South Africa. India have telented players and well all rounded team but still have to won a Test series in South Africa. The pitches of South Africa are Bouncy and Swing friendly which may cause difficulties for India. Here the question is, Can India overcome the challenge and won a Test series in South Africa to create history?

India Vs. South Africa Test Series

Factors at Play

There can be multiple factors that can affect the result of these challenging series. The previous record of teams on the same pitches, Players performances, Foreign condition and other factors can affect the result of these matches. Every session of these series will be intense and the clash between Bat and Ball will be suspense among fans.

Who Will Win?

As the cricket experts predicts the series won among both teams is not cleared. Because of the performances of both teams which was almost compatible to each other. But the series will decide the winner of this challenge. Would Pakistan won the series in Australia? or India won their series in South Africa?. The season of December 2023 – January 2024 is a challenging season for both giants teams. and they have chance to create history.

Which team will win their series first and create history?
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