PUMA Ended The Sponsorship of Israeli Football Team: Latest

The famous Brand of Sportswear “PUMA” recently finished their sponsorship with (IFA) Israel Football Association, because of some political issues. This act starts the discussion in sports world. Some call it a brave move while some represent it as an unnecessary act.


The reason behind this decision is the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Which remains a conflict from many years. IFA is in Tal-Abib, Israel, while the (PFA) Palestine Football Association is situated at the Gaza. Which is under the control of Hamas (A Group of Freedom Fighters).

People’s Opinion

Some people call this decision of PUMA as a support for Palestine and PFA. The company declare that this decision is taken because of Human Rights that was crushed by Israel in Gaza. Which clearly shows that the Company is against the act of Israel among Gaza people.

But here some of the people declare this statement as misguided and hypocritical. They highlights that other countries and organizations also crushed the basic human rights. But there is no action taken among them like this. By ending the sponsorship with IFA, PUMA depriving the Israeli Footballers from much needed and important support and facilities. Which can affect their growing and development.


Furthermore some people also suggests PUMA to keep their agreement remain, because it was about to end soon by the completion of time. Which can save the company’s money. This decision of PUMA can be the part of a huge strategy for future plans of PUMA.

This decision of PUMA to end the sponsorship with IFA is a complex issue discussing around the world. People highlights this decision differently according to their point of view. But this will be clear with time that either this decision is for good or because of misguidance.

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