All Time Hat-tricks of Cristiano Ronaldo : Latest

Cristiano Ronaldo is regarded as one of the Greatest Footballer of all time. His unimaginable Skills and Talent keeps him above all the others. Up to now Ronaldo has scored 63 Hat-tricks in his whole Career. So, lets have a look on the All Time Hat-tricks of Cristiano Ronaldo in CLUBS and INTERNATIONAL.

Over the course of his career, Ronaldo has scored a total of 63 hat-tricks in 1,284 matches across various clubs and international competitions. Here is a breakdown of each of these hat-tricks:

Ronaldo Hat-Tricks for Real Madrid (44 Hat-Tricks)

Ronalod’s time in Real Madrid was completely unimaginable. Ronaldo played 438 matches with Real Madrid in which he has scored 450 Goals and 44 Hat-tricks. Yeah You heard it rights 44 Hat-tricks is unpredictable but not for Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo Hat-Tricks for Portugal (10 Hat-Tricks

Till now, Ronaldo has played more than 200 Matches for his team Portugal. In these 200 Matches he has scored 128 goals and 10 hat-tricks for his team.

Ronaldo Hat-Tricks for Manchester (3 Hat-Tricks )

Before joining Real Madrid, Ronaldo spent six seasons at Manchester United. During this time, He played 346 matches with the Manchester united and scored 145 goals with three hat-tricks.

Ronaldo Hat-Tricks for Al-Nassr (3 Hat-Tricks)

In January 2023, Ronaldo joined Al-Nassr Football Club. During this time, he played 47 matches and scored 40 goals with three hat-tricks for the Saudi Arabian club. Ronaldo’s 3 matches are remaining to play along Al-Nassr in the year 2023.

Ronaldo Hat-Tricks for Juventus (3 Hat-Tricks)

After leaving Real Madrid, Ronaldo joined Juventus. He played 134 matches and scored 101 goals with three hat-tricks.

So, Ronaldo till now has scored 63 hat-tricks, which shows the scoring power of Cristiano Ronaldo. Football fans are too much exciting for his performance in the Saudi Arab Club for Al-Nassr. Ronaldo becomes “Most searched athlete in the world in 2023“.

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