Babar Azam All Test Innings of 2023: Latest

All-time best and talented Pakistani cricketer Babar Azam is waving the cricket world by his performances. In 2023 Babar already plays up to 7 Test matches with the collective score of 163, Average of 23.14. Here we are highlighting his innings.

Against New Zealand in Karachi (January 2023)

In this match Babar scored 24 runs, which helps Pakistan to draw the match. Here Babar plays an important role in fight back. Where at a time he plays to protect the wicket and plays some stylish shots at a time. His skilled batting proved him as a batsman who can even play good in Pressure.

Against New Zealand in Karachi (January 2023)

Babar Azam once again plays a crucial inning in this match and score 27 runs. His strong shots proves that he was in form. His partnership with Rizwan helps the team to set a good total for the opponent team.

Babar and Muhammad Rizwan
Against Sri Lanka in Galle (July 2023)

In this match Babar plays an inning of 13 runs at the much needed time. Pakistan was facing some strong and strategic bowling of Sri Lankan bowlers. While that pitch was hard for batsman for batting. But Babar plays with his skilled and talented performance.

Against Sri Lanka in Galle (July 2023)

Here Babar Azam once again proved himself as a survivor for Pakistani team. He scores 24 runs with some of his stylish and strong shots. His partnership with Muhammad Rizwan once again helps the team to set a huge total for the opponent team.

Against Sri Lanka in Colombo (July 2023)

In Colombo Babar scores 39 runs and let the Pakistan’s team to easy win against Sri Lanka. In this match his beautiful shots were the eye catching for fans. Here he looks fully in form.

Babar vs Australis
Against Australia in Perth (December 2023)

Babar Azam plays a good inning according to the situation at Perth Australia. The Pitch of Perth was difficult to bat. Babar Scores 21 runs with some stylish shots, but his surviving at that pitch was difficult in that situation. He stills tries to keep the team alive by his performance.

Against Australia in Perth (December 2023)

In this inning against Australia Babar plays at the difficult situation. Where team was almost out of match in chasing the target. Babar was still trying to rotate the strike and keep the team alive in chasing the target. He have no support from the other side which cost him the loss of his wicket on 14 runs and Pakistan was unable to chase the target.

Overall, the performance of Babar Azam in Test cricket remains a classical and full of records. He always perform whenever the team needs him. Most of the time his performance helps the team in match winning or at least to draw the match. But the biggest problem for Babar is that he don’t have support from other side. He needs a skilled player on the other side of pitch who helps him in rotating the strike and make partnership. We should pray that god will bless us with another skilled batsman like Babar Azam and this duo will keep the team Unbeaten. Know about the “Babar Azam Overall Performance in the PSL” by clicking on the link.

Tell us in the comment who will be the next batsman of Pakistan who can beat the Babar performance?

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