Most Wickets in the History of Test Cricket : Latest

In the history of cricket’s world, every bowlers gained their own achievements, but some of them remains in history, their marks in the cricket world will always be remembered. Here are the top 10 players with Most Wickets in the history of Test Cricket.

Muttiah Muralidaran Test Wickets

On the top of list is Sri Lankan maestro, Muttiah Muralidaran. He was on the top with 800 incredible wickets. His skilled spin bowling target the batsman which makes him the real tycoon of cricket world.

Shane Warne Test Wickets

The spin magician of Australia Shane Warne is second in the list. He took 700 wickets by his skilled and magical bowling. He left an incredible asset in the world of cricket.

James Anderson Test Wickets

England’s swing maestro James Anderson is third in the list with 690 wickets. His seam and swing bowling makes him one of the successful pacer of all time.

Anil Kumble Test Wickets

India’s cricket giant Anil Kumble is fourth on the table with 619 Wickets. His passionate and skilled bowling makes him the respected place in cricket world.

Stuart Broad Test Wickets

England’s fast bowler Stuart Broad is fifth on the table with 604 wickets. His ability of take advantages of situation and getting the wickets makes him special from all.

Glenn McGrath Test Wickets

A7ustralia’s legend fast bowler Glenn McGrath is on sixth position of the table with 563 wickets. His unique line of bowling and accuracy was the nightmare for batsman.

Courtney Walsh Test Wickets

West Indies pacer Courtney Walsh is on the seventh spot of the list with 519 wickets. His dangerous deliveries and long term of period in cricket, makes him the brighten star of Test cricket.

Nathan Lyon Test Wickets

Australian off-spin maestro Nathan Lyon is on the eight position in the list with 500 wickets. His skill of spinning the ball rapidly and ability of giving bounce helps Australia in winning matches.

Ravichandran Ashwin Test Wickets

India’s prime spinner Ravichandran Ashwin is on the ninth position in the list with 489 wickets. His clever cricketer mind and bowling technique confuse the batsman.

Dale Steyn Test Wickets

South Africa’s speed gun Dale Steyn is on the tenth position in the list with 439 wickets. His speed glory and swing techniques are the nightmare for batsman across formats.

Honourable Mention

In the history of Cricket, India’s all-rounder Kapil Dev has to be appreciated for his massive success with both Bat and Ball. He takes 434 wickets and with bat he have multiple records which remains in the stories.

So, these were the Top 10 Players with Most Wickets in the history of Test Cricket, Know about “Most Fifties in T20 over Last 10 Years“.

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