Ronaldo’s Weekly Salary VS. Starc’s Price IPL 2024 : Latest

Ronaldo’s Weekly Salary vs. Starc’s IPL 2024 Salary

In the world of sports salary of star athletes matters more than anything. In this article we analyze the salary of two famous stars Cristiano Ronaldo and Mitchell Starc. Ronaldo’s Weekly Salary vs. Starc’s IPL 2024 Salary Both of the athletes are from different category of sports Cricket and Football. The comparison is between Ronaldo’s weekly salary and Starc’s whole season salary in IPL 2024.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Mega Earning

Football’s star Ronaldo massive performance and earning of recent time describes his legacy. His weekly salary is 4.43$ Million which makes him the point of attraction for people. He is one of the highest paid athlete in the world. Check for “Most goals in 2023 by Ronaldo

Mitchell Starc’s IPL 2024 Earning

The rising interest of fans towards cricket because of Mitchell Starc’s IPL salary. Mitchell Starc sold on 4.42$ Million in IPL 2024 season. He gained the record of expensive player in the history of IPL, which also highlights the value of IPL in cricket world.

Contracts, Sponsorships and Endorsements

The supplementary source of income to Ronaldo and Starc are Sponsorships and their contracts with different companies. These contracts lead them towards a strong financial income.

Ronaldo’s Football & Starc’s Cricket Legacy

Ronaldo’s weekly salary and Starc’s seasonal income from IPL 2024 is also the comparison between two most followed sports over the world. Football and Cricket are the two most played games with lots of followers. But here we can see the legacy of Football over cricket, the earning of footballers are much more as compare to Cricketers.

Fan Reaction on Social Media

This news of comparison between Ronaldo’s salary and Starc’s earning from IPL starts a debate on social media. Fans of both football and Cricket are talking about this, many of them are shocked about this earnings. Global audience are debating over the earnings of Ronaldo and Starc, including other stars as well.

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