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Two great Players are the top scorers in English Premier League history. A big player from Manchester United called Cristiano Ronaldo, and the skilful guy at Liverpool named Mohammad Salah. As we look for these numbers, The amazingness of two comes out. Each one leaves a mark that can’t be erased on the league with their own styles. So, in this blog we will talk about “Ronaldo Vs. Salah goals in the English Premier League”.

Cristiano Ronaldo in English Premier League

The player from Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo is making the old Trafford excited with his goal-scoring skills. The famous red jersey-wearing man has scored 145 goals in only 346 games. Not just that, Ronaldo has also helped his team by making 64 Assists. Ronaldo was just an amazing goal-scorer for Manchester united. Click to watch “Which Player has Most Goals Title in 2023“.

Mohammad Salah in English Premier League

On the other side of Anfield, Mohamed Salah has had a amazing climb. 324 times, the Egyptian forward played for Liverpool and scored 199 excellent goals in the EPL. Salah’s skill at dodging defenders and scoring excellent goals is a big part of his style when he plays. Salah also shows how good he is at helping others score goals. He has given ways for 84 scores while playing with Liverpool team.

Mohammad Salah all goals in English Premier League

A Statistical Head-to-Head

Cristiano Ronaldo34614564
Mohammad Salah32419984

Analysing the Numbers

Ronaldo and Salah may have different jobs on their teams, but both score goals in fantastic ways. Ronaldo, skilled at scoring goals and adaptable on field, always poses a danger near the goal line. But, Salah’s fast running skill have made him Liverpool’s main guy for scoring goals.

Goals aside, both players have shown to be good at leading their team. They help the team win games a lot. Ronaldo’s changeability and Salah being exciting help their teams get even better in the Premier League.

Legends of English Premier League

We see what is happening right now with Cristiano Ronaldo and Mohamed Salah. The numbers don’t show everything. These big football players haven’t just scored points; they have written their names in the history of English Premier League. Whether wearing Manchester United’s red or Liverpool’s colorful clothes, Ronaldo and Salah keep fans hooked. They will always be seen as real legends of the English Premier League (EPL). The competition and friendship between these two big teams show how great and exciting the Premier League is for football fans all around the world.

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